Bathtech Building Products Sdn Bhd
42 & 44, Jalan Ros
Merah 2/17,
Taman Johor Jaya,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.

Bathroom Accessories

OY-3116C Multi-Purpose Rack

OY-3116B Multi-Purpose Rack

OY-3116A Multi-Purpose Rack

SK-4200 Bathroom Basket

Commercial Clothes Line (100134)

Commercial GDC990197 Extensible Clothe Line (100276)


Commercial GDC990299 Bright Dustbin (100274)

Commercial GDC990399 Matt Dustbin (100275)


AR-6520S Glass Shelf with Skirting

AR-4230S Corner Shelf with Skirting

AR-530S-CP Glass Shelf with Skirting

AR-530-CP Glass Shelf

Commercial Safety Grab Bar 600mm (100130)

Commercial Safety Grab Bar 300mm (100129)


SCS-108SQ Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

SCS-107SQ Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

SCS-107OV Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

SCS-106DD Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

AR-8156-5 Row of 5 Towel Hooks

AR-8097 Paper Holder with Hood

AR-8087 Paper Holder with Hood

AR-1290-2 Paper Holder with Hood

RH-C505-SS Row of 5 Towel Hooks

RH-C504-SS Row of 4 Towel Hooks

RH-C503-SS Row of 3 Towel Hooks

AR-3605-ZS Row of 5 Towel Hooks

Trendy Soap Dish (100258)

Design Soap Dish (100247)

Pure Soap Dish (100234)

Rivoli Soap Basket (100169)

DH-900-VP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-900-VP 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-800-2W 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser

DH-800-1W 1 Chamber Soap Dispenser

AR-8123 Toilet Brush Holder

Trendy Toilet Brush (100269)

Pure Toilet Brush (100245)

Commercial GDC990100 Wall Toilet Brush (100270)

AK-51502A-3 Movable Towel Rail

Trendy Towel Rack, 80cm (100266)

Trendy Towel Rack, 60cm (100265)

Design Towel Rack, 60cm

Trendy Towel Ring, 20cm (100268)

Design Towel Ring 20 x 15.5 cm (100256)

Design Towel Ring 30 x 12.5 cm (100255)

Pure Towel Ring 22.5 x 16.5 cm (100243)

SC-6062 Towel Rack

Trendy Towel Shelf (100267)

Pure Towel Shelf (100244)

Rivoli Double Bath Towel Shelf (100177)

Trendy Tumbler Holder (100260)

Pure Tumbler (100236)


SP-302S Free Standing Toothbrush Holder

SP-105R Free Standing Toothbrush Holder

SP-104V Free Standing Toothbrush Holder

SP-103W Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder

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